Increase sales and attract the right audience with Native Hub Ads. Set your budget and targeting segments and your ad will show on a wide network of apps and websites on mobile and desktop devices. Pause and adjust campaign parameters anytime and get the results you need.

Promote your YouTube video on a network of websites. Get views, make your channel more attractive to advertisers and help your new subscribers find you. Your videos will have an easier time getting into recommendation feeds and on the trending page.
  • Affordable cost per view with second price auction (from 0.3 rubles per view);
  • User clicks on Play button and watches the video for at least 20 seconds;
  • Show your video to a target audience of your choice: set age, gender, geo location, interests, time of day, device and change your settings anytime;
  • All views are validated and count towards your YouTube views counter.
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Attract visitors to your website and generate target actions (purchase, call, form submission etc). The ad consists of an image and complementary text. It integrates into website feeds and relevant articles.
  • affordable CPM with second price auction;
  • click cost from 3 rubles;
  • create the ad with only an image and text, the layout is generated automatically to integrate into the design of every web page;
  • track effectiveness and manage the list of websites where your ad is shown;
  • target ads by specific interests, geographic location, age and gender;
  • setup retargeting and get a detailed segment report for your campaign;
  • get advice from your personal manager on creating effective ads and configuring your landing page.
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Grow your brand by reaching your audience across a vast network of websites. Choose where to show your ads: inStream (Pre-roll) before video content or inRead in article text and news feeds on premium websites.
  • CPM from 50 to 400 rubles;
  • Reach over 100 million people in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Republic of Belarus;
  • Pay for visible impressions according to MRC standard (more than 2 seconds in user’s field of view);
  • Target ads by specific interests, geographic location, age and gender;
  • Add .srt subtitles to your videos to deliver your message in more ways;
  • Collaborate with our creative team on custom projects to create unforgettable ad experiences for your audience.
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Why NativeHub
Quick start
with a minimum budget of 1000 rubles and intuitive interface that will guide you in creating a performing campaign.
Second price auction
guarantees that you pay the lowest price possible per impression. Set your comfortable price level and you’re good to go.
Reach your audience
across a variety of popular websites. Target the audience segments you need based on interests, gender or age.
Personal Manager
will help you configure your campaign, setup retargeting, optimize your landing page and tweak your copy - all to assure the best results possible.
Creating a native ad has never been easier
Choose a native ad format
Choose your audience
Setup your budget
Keep an eye on your campaign
Choose a native ad format
NativeHub is suitable for any goals you aim to achieve: promoting your video ads, vlog, content marketing articles, any products or services. Try out different ad formats!
Choose your audience
Choose your audience wisely while tweaking different parameters like age, location, gender, interests, device types, and many more.
Setup your budget
Complex settings of NativeHub allow you to allocate your ad budgets precisely while distributing and limiting them depending on time periods and KPIs.
Keep an eye on your campaign
Relax and watch your ad campaigns unleash in the most effective ways while maintaining full control over them via NativeHub dashboard. Tune up the publishers list, budget, goals — it’s right there under your tips.
Are you ready?
We’ll help you out with a choice. If you create a native ad campaign today, and add more than $50 in budget — we’re going double it down and add $50 more.
Also we’re going to help you out with the first campaign.
Let’s start
Let’s start
Advanced self-service native ads solution
NativeHub is trusted by hundreds of industry-leading companies around the world for its ability to unite their products and services with the audience of the wide network of renown publishers.
Do you have a news outlet, a blog, or a guide portal? NativeHub will help bring native ad formats to your website and unlock the untapped revenue you might be missing right now.
Get in touch with us and let’s come up with the best solution to your media.
Coming from a big international agency or an industry-leading corporation?
NativeHub suggests not only self-service platform but also the full-stack advertisement agency service. We can handle complex campaigns, creative tasks, media planning and other services in order to satisfy even the trickiest needs for any company, product or service.
We’re also providing full native special projects on the biggest websites around the internet and influencer marketing options.