About NativeHub

NativeHub is a division of Buzzoola, one of the biggest native ads companies in Russia and CIS. While our parent company mostly works with huge corporations and large-scale agencies, NativeHub was developed with the smaller companies in mind.

What’s NativeHub?
It’s a self-service native ads platform for small/medium businesses and influencers. We have thousands of publishers across a huge variety of topics, so it’s easy to find your audience. Cars? Wellness? Political news? Cosmetics? Soccer? Gaming and eSports? Anime? We got everything.
You don’t have to spend a lot too. NativeHub allows you to start a campaign with just $50 on your account.

Why NativeHub?
Our platform has many different formats that can captivate your target audience via images, videos, integrated in-feed cards, interactive maxi-scrollers, and other engaging ad experiences. Whatever target action you need, we’ve got a format for that — either you want to promote your content marketing pieces or YouTube channel, we can help.